What is Hemp Adobe?

Hemp Adobe is a Proprietary Mix of  – Hemp Adobe Brick Home Interior View- Family Room of HouseRefractories, Mineral Dust, Natural Fibers, Sand and Water.

The advantage to using this mix is there
is no toxic off-gas from casting the materials into the finished product.  Its primary function is to gather, or sequester carbon dioxide from the environment as a part of the curing process and then forming to a petrified state.

Hemp Adobe can be engineered to any volume of space, and into any shape desired. Hemp Adobe is 60% of the weight of conventional concrete. The strength of this material eliminates the need for rebar reinforcement.

Basalt  is another of Hemp Adobe’s base materials of choices, as spalling or corrosion does not occur, because of the inclusion of basalt.

The Material Mix is highly efficient, a natural insulator, and allows for thermal exchange.

hemp adobe house south viewHemp is a Natural Biocide.

Mold growth, and insects are are negated due to hemp’s innate qualities as it functions as a natural biocide.