​The Rise of the Hemprenuer

A recent Article in HempOut Magazine featuring Kevin and Hemp Adobe Homes. It’s a great piece showing the Rise of Industrial Hemp in America. Here’s a link to the whole article. Read Here.

​”I’d like to see Hemp farming come back with a vengeance and change the stale old stigmas. I’d like to see all nations trade products freely again and be good neighbors working in unison and undivided. We have that opportunity now. Carpe diem!”
-Kevin Hodge

Why Hemp? Hemp was demonized by some very shady people in the 30’s. It was pushed back so that oil and timber could be used and product life cycles achieved. Quite frankly this was a mistake of our leaders to be pandered to by oil tycoons and timber barons for greed and greed alone.

This in my opinion was the basis for the dumbing down all peoples on this planet and set us back 70 years in technological advancements. So the paradigm was set, and only a few that was in on the deal would gain from it. I wish to change this, and have many brothers and sisters with the same mindset.

Hemp Can Be So Many Things

Hemp, as many know, has many spin-offs as a base material to synthesize from and as a raw material to utilize in all aspects of consumer products. Best thing is it’s non-toxic in its various forms.

It can be grown and harvested up to 4 cycles in certain regions. It cleans our air and reduces harmful radiation levels on our planet. With hemp I can obtain insulation values of R-80 with vault like security in a home that can be congruent with nature and her surroundings. Organic architecture is something my team and I are very interested in facilitating with this new building material.