Imagine a Home that Pays for Itself, Grows Food for You, Heats and Cools Itself Through Convection, and Supplies You Comfort and Safety.


The Hemp Adobe Homes team is committed to making a contribution to society and mankind as a whole, our team has devised a new building material that resonates with generations of folk. Hemp, as the times are changing, is now seen as, and always has been known for a superior building material. Adobe has been part of ancient structural design since the building of the pyramids.  The marriage of technologies, utilizing forms created by current composites technologies, brings forward a new concept in building construction. Our design consists of pouring the Hemp Adobe material into molds and precast them in a way that makes the buildings lighter and stronger than conventional stick frame or concrete construction.


Hemp Adobe Homes utilizes full panel construction as a means to ship direct to the building site and a new way to erect whole structures in hours and days, rather than weeks and months.   

Our technique and unique wall design naturally brings the insulation value up to R-80.  The flexibility of our Hemp Adobe Homes and Structures creates the ability to design without limitations of sizes or shapes of the building or structure.

Orthogonal and rectilinear buildings are a thing of the past.  Corners are out!  A home can truly be a work of art. We can build with the environment and harmonize with the surroundings in nature. It’s called Organic Architecture.