The State of Washington and Hemp Adobe Homes Working Together on Industrial Hemp Solutions

I met with Matt Shea after travelling with Sandy Soderberg, Micah Anderson, and Steve Sarich to the Trezzi winery in north Spokane WA, to see him speak at a recent fundraiser.

He is a strong proponent of agricultural hemp and smaller government under a republican libertarian banner. It was refreshing to meet with him and I was welcomed by him and his camp to speak on the many potentials of hemp building materials.

Agriculture is at the heart of a sustainable business model in this industry, without it we would not be in business to provide structures to the masses in need of healthy net zero homes and buildings.

I spoke with farmers on the crop densities and of course money generated from these crops.  They were very interested Soil Remediation Values and where the new "Hemp" industry was heading and being forged by like-minded, grassroots individuals like me and the aforementioned folks.

In all, a very positive and pleasant experience as I am someone who runs away from political endeavors. Trezzi wine was pretty damn good too.