Hello & Thank You for Your Interest in Investing in Hemp Adobe Homes

My name is Kevin Hodge and I am the Founder and President of the company.

Hemp Adobe combines composite technologies with cement durability and hemp as a natural insulator. It's breathability fits into healthy home and buildings models that are getting so much attention now due to air quality issues and rising health costs.

The Heart of The Matter is That it Makes Sense and Cost Less to Produce a Home Using Hemp Adobe.

That being said less cost is higher profits, while still maintaining efficiencies. Our goal is to produce 1 house per day and move onto a production schedule of 3 homes or an equivalent amount of panels for commercial buildings.

The sales volumes by percentages can add up to a nice ROI. This combines with speed and accuracy of manufacture translates into a tidy financial package for the equity investor.

If there's going to be any real money in the Industrial Hemp space, it's going  to be made through mass production. Hemp Adobe has a wide array of products that could be developed and licensed from it in a simple mixture format.

In just addressing the housing needs throughout the world, we can become very wealthy, primarily because of the performance and fairness of price.

Where the value lies is in the product itself. Like any commodity, it will sell if it's built properly. Recognition is paramount to perceived quality.

Kevin Hodge- Founder of Hemp Adobe Homes

Here's a Google Hangout were we talk a lot about what we do. Enjoy!