Let’s face it, with deforestation in the Amazon and in all countries. A serious solution needed to be found for the building of new homes and structures that are next generation construction, with that in mind. The building materials needed to reflect today’s advances in 3D Printing and aerospace molding techniques.  To utilize an ancient building material in ways that is harmonious with nature and not against her.  By using Hemp as a natural building material, it gives our farmers a new crop to grow for uses where the petro-chemicals fall off.   It lends to economy building by ways of saving the home owner heating, cooling, and electrical bills. When used properly the insulation values of this material at 12” of wall thickness, will offer an R80 benefit, which in turn makes the home to be extremely efficient.

Thus this new house performs as a Net-zero/passive solar home. The efficient use of natural materials manufactured in these panels can therefore be made, transported and simply assembled on respective sites worldwide.