Grow Your Own

A Cornerstone of Hemp Adobe Homes is for all of our homes and structures to incorporate the ability to grow your own Food and Fiber. This factor has given our clients the opportunity to provide for their families and community with the most ease and maximum crop yield.

Innovative Design - Form and Function

We started as a greenhouse company, and have stuck close to those roots.  :)  

Before the opportunities for hemp that have opened up in the United States, we were using a variety of composite materials to create greenhouses big (100,000 sq. ft.) and small (10 sq. ft.).  And we found, through experience how to demonstrate and educate our clients how to yield the most crops (Think 4 times a year!) , and have them be completely organic, fresh, healthy, and so delicious.  

We have create hundreds of configurations, starting with good ol' dirt, and wonderful worm tea, to aquaponics, ...., all built with discretion and specifications of our clients.

Earthen Greenhouse - Walipini

One of the greatest movements we support is one of the oldest approaches to smart and discrete production​.  The walipini, the earthen or pit greenhouse.  Using the heat of the earth, the trench dug greenhouse makes for a extremely efficient, and low viability structure that yields your organic crops all year round.

We are Excited to talk about your own Hemp Adobe Home Greenhouse or Stand Alone (or in the dirt.) Structure.