Our Hemp Adobe team members know that there is a large market for housing worldwide.


We are challenging the creation of an inventive material for a structural envelope that can be manufactured with a new mix of organic materials. These materials are found worldwide and will encourage production of many “green” fibers that will be used in the mix.


Small is beautiful, thus the single family homes to be manufacturing first as performance homes, are about 850 square feet or less for a family of four with a focus on being self sustainable. Performance meaning that the interior spaces are made to fit, accept and change objects to offer the latest technologies for “mixed-use” furnishing and fittings.


Designed from the inside out this home produces a simple envelope that does not require internal structural support of wooden or steel studs. Yet the panels so formed when assembled rapidly provides all the needs for generating electrical energy to service internal plumbing, waste removal, electrical outlets, as well as, thermal insulation, airflow movement conversion of gray water to feed aquaponics and the growing of food in an attached greenhouse.


Externally this structural envelope will be durable to weather conditions, have structural integrity, simple stability attachments to the land and have the capability to cluster together for mutual support to form miniature communities.


When people cast there dollar votes our Hemp Adobe team will have these home products available. The first hexagonal shaped home reality produced should live up to the expectations created by the team. It is the team members who will provide the living first test of the product to evaluate satisfaction of needs, by experiencing and enjoying the homes entire performance functionality.

Ultimately the marketplace will see and purchase this exceptional manufactured home product as all future home buyers will get to see, understand and experience the home in reality.