Fishing one day in the kayak, Kevin ran across this big round buoy bobbing along with the tide, so he strapped it down next to the 12 lb. sockeye that was for dinner, and paddled home.

Some time later he was looking at the buoy, which is a super smooth, black rubber ball/sphere - and he saw a perfect form to prove a point about the strength and design/build possibilities of Hemp Adobe.

So of course he did what he would do, he spread mud all over it.

 Actually just a couple layers of hemp mesh and our mix yielded some pretty incredible results.  When at scale, you still wouldn't need rebar.  If you do happen to need reinforcements - we'd use bamboo or other similar plants.  

All no foam gnomes roam to this dome home.  ;)  Check out the video!  Thanks!

Bucky Sings About Living in a Dome.

no mortgage to show   no payments to go,     where you dream well & spend your own time.

dome home