Biography-Kevin Hodge

Kevin Hodge Founder

Kevin Hodge, founder has 30 years’ experience in the composite design and manufacturing industry. Kevin is responsible for design, tool and mold manufacture, and logistics of the Mobile Gardens, Grow Smart Greenhouses, Live Smart yurts, and new concepts in power generation and growing mediums.

Kevin is a former US Marine from 1982-1986, serving with the Harrier tactical aviation group, after the military he honed his skills in all facets of the plastics and coatings industry. He remained true to his passion of aircraft and worked under contract for various composite aviation companies. During the time frame of 1991 to present.

Kevin has founded five companies three of which have been of composite manufacturing and design firms. Kevin joined with the alternative energy group in August 2007, a group of pioneers in the sustainability movement. Kevin enjoys collaboration in designing and implementing new design concepts for whole sustainable communities using Hemp Adobe Homes as the vehicle.

Kevin is involved with international and national organizations that follow the green or sustainable ways of life and business.